Friday, July 18, 2008 CNBC Bonus Bucks Trivia Questions & Answers

Squawk Box

Question: In the July 17 Mad Money post, "Oil Down, Banks Up?" which fictional realm does Mad-man stock guru Jim Cramer reference?

Answer: Bizarro World

Squawk on the Street

Question: Which "eye-catching" word or phrase is NOT found in managing editor Allen Wastler's Two-Way Street blog post of July 8?

Answer: "perp walk"

The Call

Question: In Bob Pisani's "ETFs: An Investor's Primer" which fund-accessible nations are named?

Answer: Brazil

Power Lunch

Question: In the Fast Money post, "No Guts No Glory - Pt. II" what animal metaphor is used to describe value investing?

Answer: head in a lion's mouth

Street Signs

Question: In a July 15 CNBC interview, Jim Rogers used which metaphor in discussing a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac bailout?

Answer: Band-Aids for cancer

Closing Bell

Question: In the feature, "Sucker's Rally? Stock Gains Likely to Be Short-Lived" which analyst used the phrase, "sucker's rally"?

Answer: Kathy Boyle

Weekly Quiz

Question: Forcing trades is sometimes referred to as __-trading.

Answer: over


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calisurfing Author Profile Page said:

band aids for cancer, that's rich! Good post!

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