Monday, July 14, 2008 CNBC Bonus Bucks Trivia Questions & Answers

Squawk Box

Question: In a July 8 Stock Blog, commodities king Dennis Gartman said corn could come off its highs by how much?

Answer: $1

Squawk on the Street

Question: In the slideshow "Stock Picks for 20-Somethings", what color is the Nokia handset case (and accompanying pencil)?

Answer: fuchsia

The Call

Question: According to Jane Wells, the world's most expensive house has been owned by:

Answer: Oil tycoon Roman Abramovich

Power Lunch

Question: In a July 11 "Two-Way Street" Reader Mail post, correspondent "Rob" uses what device as a critique of the blog?

Answer: a Freudian reference

Street Signs

Question: In Jim Cramer's blog post "A Bottom For Fannie and Freddie" what term does he use to describe Bush market policies?

Answer: Laissez-faire

Closing Bell

Question: In Friday's article, "Oil Rises Sharply, Closes Near $145 on Iran Fears", which nation's Defense Ministry is mentioned?

Answer: Iraq

Weekly Quiz

Question: Forcing trades is sometimes referred to as __-trading.

Answer: over


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