Friday, December 26, 2008 CNBC Bonus Bucks Trivia Questions & Answers

Squawk Box

Question: In our slideshow, The $54,000 Bottle of Whiskey, what other types of spirits did Christie's put up for auction?

Squawk Box Answer

Squawk on the Street

Question: Darren Rovell reports that the NY Yankees' $423.5 million new-player expense could have bought 23% of:

Squawk on the Street Answer

The Call

Question: In the Two-Way Street blog post entitled, Banks, Beat Reporters and Not Being Cozy, which news service is mentioned?

The Call Answer

Power Lunch

Question: In our blog post called "How to Tell the Madoffs From the Buffetts", which horrific Shakespeare work does a reader reference?

Power Lunch Answer

Street Signs

Question: In his article, Banks Sitting on $1 Trillion Cash, what abbreviation does Tony Crescenzi literally use?

Street Signs Answer

Closing Bell

Question: This week, Michael Kovacocy praised which telecom stock(s) for making "great strides" in India?

Closing Bell Answer

Weekly Quiz

Question: ETF's are based on

Answer: An Index or sector of stocks


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