Tuesday, January 6, 2009 CNBC Bonus Bucks Trivia Questions & Answers

Squawk Box

Question: In Jon Najarian's Monday Stock Blog post, which natgas company did he say options traders were targeting?

Squawk Box Answer

Squawk on the Street

Question: In his CNBC interview, Pimco's co-CEO Mohamed El-Erian recommended which investment(s)?

Squawk on the Street Answer

The Call

Question: Web video hunt: On Dec. 23, which strategist told CNBC that Russia would be a "A Bigger Energy Player in 2009"?

The Call Answer

Power Lunch

Question: Which corporate boards did Meg Whitman resign from as of Dec. 31?

Power Lunch Answer

Street Signs

Question: Which investment firm said Monday that it was unwinding its $1 billion Tempo Master fund?

Street Signs Answer

Closing Bell

Question: In his Millennial Money blog post called "War On Climate Change Over..." what was Cliff Mason's apocalyptic message?

Closing Bell Answer

Weekly Quiz

Question: The term MACD is shorthand for

Answer: Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence


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