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While questioning former News Corp executive James Murdoch in UK parliament on Thursday, Labour MP Tom Watson compared James, the son of Rupert Murdoch, to what?

A. a "cowboy"

B. a "rampant cheat"

C. a "mafia boss"

D. a "newspaper fat cat"

According to the author of a book about the history of MTV, the cable channel's relationship with the record labels passed through these four distinct phases:

A. Indifference, annoyance, acceptance, respect

B. Enthusiasm, euphoria, disillusionment, indifference

C. Fear, acceptance, euphoria, disappointment

D. Disdain, resentment, dependence, indignation

The stock market of which emerging economy is the worst performer of the year, but still holds long-term promise, according to CNBC's guest writer Michael Yoshikami.of YCMNET Advisors.

A. China

B. India

C. Russia

D. Brazil

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Greg Dove of the National Flea Market Association, noted that the flea market industry has estimated annual sales of how much?

A. $2.5 Billion

B. $700 Million

C. $30 Billion

D. $25 Billion

What is the Dow's target for January according to chartist Daryl Guppy?

A. 15,000

B. 12,600

C. 18,600

D. 9,500

With companies in the S&P 500 stock indereporting record profits, why aren't stock prices also hitting record highs, according to Fast Money's Karen Finerman?

A. "Investors remain shell-shocked from the 2008 credit crisis."

B. "House prices haven't rebounded enough to create a 'wealth effect' for buyers."

C. "Market players are held back by uncertainty about the 2012 elections."

D. "The expectation is that earnings may decline if Europe can't get out of its own way."

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Where is CNBC's Republican Presidential Debate being held?

A. Oakland University, Rochester, MI

B. Oakland University, Rochester, NY

C. Rochester University, Oakland, CA

D. Rochester University, Oakland, MI

British parliamentarians this week took the unusual step of interviewing a revenue and customs lawyer under oath over an alleged "sweetheart" tadeal with what U.S. bank?

A. JPMorgan Chase

B. Bank of America Merrill Lynch

C. Citigroup

D. Goldman Sachs

China's clampdown on bank lending has been a boon for banks outside China, according to Standard & Poor's Equity Research. Which Asian bank stock did the firm recently upgrade?




D. Korea Exchange bank

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Mining company Anglo American agreed on Friday to buy a majority stake in what other miner?

A. Vale

B. De Beers

C. Shinhua

D. Alcoa

Out of the world's 50 largest economies, which is the worst place to do business in?

A. India

B. China

C. Russia

D. Venezuela

In a live interview on CNBC, how did Ken Langone describe the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in downtown Manhattan?

A. "Babies in adults' bodies"

B. "Well-meaning but misguided young people"

C. "A leaderless resistance movement"

D. "Nattering nabobs of negativism"

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In a live interview on CNBC, Fifth Third Bancorp CEO Kevin Kabat said the bank increased its third quarter earnings through:

A. "Loan growth, expansion of the margin"

B. "Superior customer service, improved volume"

C. "Aggressive cost-cutting, trimming jobs"

D. "Acquisitions, strong trading results"

How much did UK gross domestic product grow in the third quarter, according to a report from the Office for National Statistics released this week?

A. 0.1 percent

B. 0.2 percent

C. 0.5 percent

D. 1.0 percent

Inflation in China is still running high but latest manufacturing data shows slowing growth. What do analysts at HSBC and RBC say should be China's monetary stance?

A. Tighten Policy

B. Ease Policy

C. Targeted Easing

D. Strengthen Policy

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