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This year you can earn up to $62,000 per week just by correctly answering all 31 bonus bucks trivia questions worth $2,000 each (6 daily / 1 weekly). You can also earn $1,000 by referring a friend to the contest. Correctly answering the trivia questions is necessary to win the million dollar challenge in my opinion since there are so many participants in the contest (around 240,000 as of today according to my calculations). To compute an estimate of the number of people competing in the contest I used an average of 2.5 portfolios per person and divided my current ranking of a portfolio by the percentage rank for that portfolio.

The top prize is a $500,000 annuity. Weekly prizes are also given out. For a list of all prizes see

New this year is the currency trading powered by FXCM. I was still unable to trade currencies as of today. The following error message appears "Due to technical difficulties related to currency trading, we have cancelled all currency transactions submitted throughout Monday, May 12th and currency trading is currently unavailable. All traders' currency allocations will be reset to $100,000 CNBC Bucks until currency trading resumes."

Good luck to everyone who decides to participate. I ended up beating 99.85% of all portfolios last year with only 1 portfolio. As of yesterday my best portfolio of 5 was in the top 0.5% of all portfolios. My winners were FSIN & A.


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