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Exciting news! Today CNBC announced the details of the 2011 CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. You can register today at and begin trading on Monday, September 19th.

1st Prize is $1,000,000. 2nd Prize is a 2012 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport

The challenge lasts for 10 weeks with a cool vacation prize each week. See for prize details.

Currency trading with leverage up to 10:1 is included this time just like the last time and is sponsored once again by FXCM.

Slideshows are available on the official CNBC challenge website explaining how to play the challenge. No single stock can initially make up more than 25% of your portfolio. However, it is allowed to grow beyond the 25% threshold. As usual make sure you read the rules carefully.

You can play with up to 5 portfolios. Just make sure you do not attempt to play using multiple CNBC accounts or risk disqualification.

There will be 3 bonus bucks questions per day posted at 8pm each day before a trading day. You will have up until 4pm the next trading day to answer the bonus bucks questions. Each question is worth $2,000. We will post the questions and answers here as quickly as possible. Make sure to bookmark this site, so you don't miss out on the free answers to the daily bonus bucks questions.



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