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What reason did Ashraf Laidi give for the euro to drop to 1.29 vs the dollar?

A. Interest rate differentials

B. Greek default

C. Fed QE3

D. None of the above

Which UK political leader this week said that the country's economy needs to reward small businesses rather than "predators who are just interested in the fast buck"?

A. Gordon Brown

B. Ed Miliband

C. Ed Balls

D. David Cameron

In the opinion of Morgan Stanley's Adam Parker, how likely is a "global synchronous recession where deflation becomes more visible?"

A. 5 percent chance of occurring

B. 10 percent chance of occurring

C. 25 percent chance of occurring

D. 50 percent chance of occurring

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Question 1:

How much did Singapore spend to host the just concluded F1 grand prix?

A. $350 million

B. $450 million

C. $250 million

D. None of the above

Answer 1

Question 2:

Switzerland recently set a limit for the Swiss franc's appreciation against the euro. What was that limit, of francs to euros?

A. 1.20

B. 1.25

C. 1.35

D. 1.28

Answer 2

Question 3:

According to the CNBC Explains video on hedge funds, most of them are set up as:

A. Off-shore corporation

B. Limited partnership

C. C corporation

D. Sole proprietorship

Answer 3

Question 1:

Singapore hopes to become a major cruise center in Asia. How many cruise passengers passed through the city-state last year:

A. 4 million

B. 3 million

C. 2 million

D. 1 million

Answer 1

Question 2:

What nation's finance minister warned on Sept. 16 that a collapse of the euro could lead to war?

A. Slovenia

B. Greece

C. Italy

D. Poland

Answer 2

Question 3:

On September 20's "Mad Money," why does Jim Cramer think it's a good time to buy technology stocks?

A. "Tech stocks will be making a 'V' bottom"

B. "Companies are providing rock 'em, sock 'em guidance"

C. "Positive seasonality"

D. "Techs have not been holding up very well"

Answer 3

Question 1:

The F8 Facebook Developers Conference 2011, took place in:

A. San Diego, CA

B. San Francisco, CA

C. Los Angeles, CA

D. New York, NY

Answer 1

Question 2:

According to Daryl Guppy's post on Tuesday gold prices are likely to retest what level?

A. 1,720

B. 1,820

C. 1,920

D. 1,500

Answer 2

Question 3:

The top institutional holder of Apple Inc stock is:

A. JP Morgan Asset

B. Vanguard Group

C. BlackRock

D. Fidelity

Answer 3

Question 1:

What is the 8th most popular city for business?

A. Colombia

B. Madrid

C. Beijing

D. United States

Answer 1

Question 2:

What is the 31st most safest bank in the world in 2011?

A. China Development Bank Beijing, China

B. Shizuoka Bank Tokyo, Japan

C. Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Turin, Italy

D. Pohjola Bank Helsinki, Finland

Answer 2

Question 3:

In's "Top 10 Green Cars 2011," how is the Lexus CT 200h described?

A. "Stylish, peppy premium sedan"

B. "Sporty, little premium hatchback"

C. "Vibrant, athletic premium hybrid"

D. "Upscale, sleek premium sportster"

Answer 3

Which eligible stocks traded up today?

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Tough day in the markets with the major equity averages down between 2% and 3%.

For those of you who want to trade a triple short ETF you might consider FAZ. I found most leveraged ETFs are not eligible for trading in the cnbc challenge. So what are some of the top gaining stocks today? Here are some eligible stocks that traded significantly up today in the face of a big down day.

FAZ up 14%
HGSI up 12%
RGEN up 9%
LINTA up 8%
NOG up 2%

Congratulations to those of you who have any of the above stocks in your portfolios today.  Congrats also to traders who preserved their gains today.

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Question 1:

Which of the following is NOT true of the 'Death Shirt' that's included in October's John Wayne Auction?

A. It's white cotton, with long sleeves

B. It was used in the final shoot-out scene in 'The Shootist'

C. It has a red stain from fake blood

D. It was made by the Western Costume Co.

Answer 1

Question 2:

What is the third most dangerous job of 2011?

A. Mining Machine Operators

B. Refuse and Recycling Collectors

C. Logging Workers

D. Pilots and Flight Engineers

Answer 2

Question 3:

The world's largest, second-largest and third-largest auto markets respectively for 2011 are

A. China, US, Japan

B. US, Japan, China

C. US, China, Japan

D. None of the above

Answer 3

Question 1:

What is the fifth largest auto market of 2011?

A. India

B. Italy

C. Russia

D. Germany

Answer 1

Question 2:

What does CNBC's Jim Cramer think Tim Geithner is counting on when he says there's no chance of a Lehman-like collapse in Europe?

A. Crony capitalism

B. Chinese investments in European assets

C. Private assurances from European leaders

D. Lessons learned from U.S. bank crisis

Answer 2

Question 3:

China's richest person is

A. A soft drinks magnate

B. A woman who inherited a property fortune

C. A contruction machinery tycoon

D. None of the above.

Answer 3

Question 1: Warren Buffett says Berkshire Hathaway's newly-hired money manager Ted Weschler will :

Answer 1

Question 2: What is the second fastest car listed in the "10 Fastest Cars of 2011" slideshow? :

Answer 2

Question 3: China's premier offered to invest more money in Europe last week in return for what? :

Answer 3


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