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According to the Bank of England, how many mortgage approvals took place in the United Kingdom in September?

A. 50,967

B. 40,877

C. 31,484

D. 28,373

What is the net worth of Asia-Pacific's richest family, the Ambanis, founders of India's Reliance Industries.

A. $40.8 billion

B. $32 billion

C. $37.6 billion

D. $28 billion

Why does Uwe Parpart think Japan's strength as an industrial society is fading on the international stage?

A. The tsunami and nuclear disaster

B. Demographics

C. The rise of china

D. Over regulation

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Posted last Friday on the CNBC website...

"we are suspending the contest and will restart it Sunday, October 30 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Upon relaunch, all player accounts will be reset to their opening balance. Play will begin anew for the final five weeks of the contest."

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According to, what was the third best-selling NFL jersey between April 1 and September 30, 2011?

A. Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys

B. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

C. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

D. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

How much did Huijin - a unit of China's sovereign wealth fund - spend on buying shares of the 'Big Four' Chinese banks, according to an analyst at Mizuho Securities Asia.

A. $5 Million

B. $50 Million

C. $31 Million

D. $100 Million

The Bank of England has said it will buy UK government bonds or gilts again. But which assets will the Bank of England not buy?

A. Small Business Loans

B. Assets from Insurance Companies

C. Corporate Bonds

D. Assets from Pension Funds

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Which are the world's top three most polluted countries?

A. China, India and Brazil

B. Mongolia, Botswana and Pakistan

C. U.S, Indonesia and Thailand

D. South Africa, Mexico and Cambodia

What is Aviva's exposure to Spanish government debt?

A. 200 billion pounds

B. 300 million pounds

C. 150 billion pounds

D. 252 million pounds

Siemens' Peter Solmssen tells CNBC his company has ___ job openings in America that his company is having trouble filling.

A. 500

B. 1000

C. 2000

D. 3000

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Which economist believes the United States is now in a "modern-day depression?"

A. Niall Ferguson at Harvard

B. Jan Hatzius at Goldman Sachs

C. David Rosenberg at Gluskin Sheff

D. Jeffrey Greenberg at Nomura Securities

Household spending accounts for what portion of the UK economy?

A. One-third

B. One-half

C. Two-thirds

D. Four-fifths

Which tech executive or entrepreneur said Steve Jobs had spent time offering him advice and knowledge "even though he was not at all well?"

A. Mark Zuckerberg

B. Eric Schmidt

C. Jack Dorsey

D. Larry Page

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According to UBS, if Greece were to default, the U.S. were to experience weak growth (but not a recession) and China were to avoid a hard landing, how much would stocks in Asia ex-Japan fall by?

A. 18%

B. 24%

C. 30%

D. 36%

How does Phillip Carter describe his "Texas Cash Cow Investments" business?

A. "Instead of doing oil, we're doing solar."

B. "Instead of doing oil, we're doing cattle."

C. "Instead of doing cattle, we're doing cattle management."

D. "Instead of doing cattle, we're doing houses."

According to the World Federation of Exchanges, what percentage of the trading that takes place in London involves shares of companies that are based outside of the United Kingdom?

A. 30 percent

B. 22 percent

C. 14 percent

D. 2 percent

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