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Or not? The last 30 minutes yesterday proved to reverse sharply back to the down side. That was certainly no unusual move in this market. The volatility remains off the charts. The good news is that in this challenge there is also the opportunity to short if you believe certain stocks or the overall market is going down. See the eligible stocks and etfs to short for details. Good luck today as it seems luck is what the majority of us need in order to play this market. I'll leave you with this image of the day. Imagine traders vacationing in Las Vegas to attempt to recover losses in the market.

Get ready, set, start trading!

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Tomorrow we start trading in the CNBC million dollar portfolio challenge. So far I've created 3 portfolios. One portfolio is for bottom fishing high quality stocks at a low price. To make it into the bottom fishing portfolio companies must have a relatively high cash position with low or zero debt (value stocks). My second portfolio is to catch momentum stocks, should one ever appear during the contest that is. And my third portfolio is to cash in on stocks reporting earnings. Quick earnings movers helped me rank in the top 0.1% last time around in the CNBC challenge. My remaining 2 portfolios will remain in cash in hopes that the market continues to tank so I can load up at the bottom should I be lucky enough to guess it. Good luck everyone.


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